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Solar project due diligence services are divided into two types:

  • At the initiation stage - a feasibility study of a project

  • During project's operation - "Status report" tests

Initiation stage - feasibility study project

The owner of a property (roof or ground mounted) or an investor who is considering entering a solar energy project and who does not have the appropriate technical and economic knowledge can use consulting services which include:

  • Preliminary examination of the property and its suitability for a solar project

  • Examination of alternatives

  • Financial planning and presentation of options

  • Detailed presentation of ideal project stages


A quick feasibility study will direct the owner / developer to the right solution, and save him time and money when choosing the right alternative.


During operation of a project - "Status report" tests


Throughout the life of a typical energy project, there are several milestones where a "status report" is required.

These milestones may be:

  • When selling a project

  • When changing the type of financing or financing factor

  • After a significant period in the life of the project (5, 10 years)


The content of a report usually includes:

  • Checking system outputs

  • Check the integrity of system components

  • Checking the system warranty framework and required adjustments

  • Checking the system's compliance with the regulatory framework

  • Checking the compatibility of the operations & maintenance agreement with the state of the system

  • Techno - economic analysis

  • Recommendations for changes and/or actions to improve system production

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