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I'm involved in renewable energy since 2003 in senior management, business development, marketing and sales since 1995. I started my way at the high-tech sector, where I held a variety of positions - from software development to marketing and sales management. I carry a BSc. in Geophysics and Atmospheric Sciences fromTel Aviv University, and an MBA from Ben Gurion University.

In 2003, I've co-founded SolarPower, a pioneer Israeli EPC company that has been operated at the field of grid connected and off-grid systems and led the company to annual sales over $30M within 6 years. As a co-CEO, I dealt with business development, sales and marketing management, ongoing management and financial aspects.

My involvement in environmental business unites two approaches: love of the environment and nature, and business-social understanding.

I believe in developing fair businesses, considering the environment and the corporate (employees, customers, suppliers). I know that businesses that are sincere in their intentions with regards to these two approaches - achieve better results.


For every project I bring with me:

  • Many years of experience managing renewable energy company, and experience in various positions in Israeli high-tech companies

  • Deep holistic business understanding of market processes, including failures and risks

  • In depth technological understanding

  • Long term relationships with the entire food chain of the solar sector, including familiarity with most of the international suppliers and stakeholders in the field

  • Extensive experience in initiating, developing and establishing sub-activities

  • Experience in raising financial resources - from venture capital funds, banks and cooperation with companie

  • Experience in advising businesses in initiation and implementation processes

Alon Tamari

Consultancy & Business Development



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