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Business Development

When a business examines the possibility of entering a new activity, expanding an existing activity or entering a new territory, it is customary to use structured methods in order to reach the correct conclusions at the faster manner.

The purpose of business development is to bring the business, based on its characteristics and advantages, to carry out its plans in the most efficient manner in terms of the resources available to it.

In the process of professional business development, preliminary work is carried out in the first stage with the business managers, during which the capabilities and intentions of the enterprise are examined.

In the second stage, markets and target audiences are examined. We define who exactly we are aiming the products or services of the business, and check back on their suitability to the nature of the business.

In the next stage, we work to prepare and define a business plan. Define required human resources, budget, required actions to reach the target market, prepare a plan for income and expenses (and P&L) and even raise resources if required.

Business development may be a one-time project, limited in time and budget, or service over time as a substitute for a fixed position in the company (outsourcing at a defined monthly capacity).


The benefits outsourcing business development

The rapid launch of an examination of projects (as opposed to the recruitment process for an employee)

The possibility of defining a precise budget for the purpose of examining a new activity

 A third-party look that adds to the existing knowledge among company managers


My specialization is in commercial and industrial markets, from initiating the idea, through raising capital and debt, until launching the product / service, marketing - and most importantly, income.

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