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Business accompaniment

Business accompaniment, unlike business development which usually focuses on the initiation of a new activity or venture and usually for a limited period, is an ongoing process that deals with extended aspects of the entire business.


Business accompaniment is intended to help business owners who are in their first venture and seek the assistance of an experienced manager who "was there" or those who "feel stuck" and need help getting out of a difficult period.

In any business accompaniment, the objectives of the process must be clearly defined.

Examples of the purposes of a business escort

Defining the desired business model of the business

Need for turnaround

Choosing alternatives for a new activity

Raising financial resources

Defining and recruiting human resources

In any case, the main goal is to improve business performance and determine the best business plan


Business accompaniment is a process which involves all stakeholders of the business. Owners, managers and employees of the company and sometimes even suppliers and customers.

The process will examine various aspects of the business - management, marketing, finance, sales, development, production, logistics and service. If necessary, additional professionals will be involved in the process.

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